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02 Sep Posted by in Business, Policies | 1 comment

Signs and Buildings

Signs and Buildings

Here’s a problem not unique to Mason, not a big deal but also not easy to resolve. How does one reconcile a policy of making it clear that no single unit “owns” a building with appropriate external indications of where major units are? Mason has very few external signs that highlight units. We do have […]


10 Mar Posted by in Academics, Business, Policies | 1 comment

Decisions, Dilemmas, and Erasmus

Recent developments got me thinking about the kinds of decisions I am involved with as Provost. The most interesting set involves policies — what new buildings should be top priority, how to establish a new degree program, what enrollment targets should be, how to build an international collaboration. A delightful feature of my job is […]


13 Jan Posted by in Academics, Policies | Comments Off on Using Course Evaluations

Using Course Evaluations

Having one’s work assessed is always a bit nerve wracking, and this is true for faculty and administrators as well as students. We have a current issue in this regard that’s worth airing. For several years we have submitted comments as well as statistics from student course evaluations to department chairs or their equivalent, prior […]


12 Feb Posted by in Business, Policies | Comments Off on Out-of-State Caps

Out-of-State Caps

One of the most intriguing themes emerging from this year's legislative session, obviously aside from the budget itself, involves the surprisingly strong push from various quarters to "do something" about out of state students in Commonwealth colleges and universities. Several measures in the House propose a 30% cap, presumably allowing places above the cap some time to adjust; one, which would hit Mason very directly, calls simply for an out-of-state percentage in next fall's freshman class no higher than that of 2008. The Senate, avoiding caps, proposes tripling the current per-credit capital fee for out of state students (from $2. to $6), which would cost Mason roughly $600,000.