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An Outstanding Faculty

06 Aug Posted by in Faculty | Comments
An Outstanding Faculty

One of the things we regularly tell incoming freshmen at Orientation sessions is that the University has a distinguished faculty. I always wonder if the students in the audience particularly register on this claim, and if both they and their parents chalk it up to promotional hyperbole (which it is in part, of course).

But the fact is that we do have a very talented faculty, and the evidence of their achievement has certainly piled up in recent months. We have an economist listed among the ten most influential scholars globally, and a historian listed among the top ten innovative educators. We won two of the commonwealth’s sixteen outstanding faculty awards. We have a faculty member now heading the Nuclear Regulatory Commission, and a Law School faculty collectively rated in the top 25 nationally for their scholarship. One of our leading climate scientists won one of India’s top science prizes. Another faculty member was recently named to the national UNESCO commission.

And the list goes on, including the colleague rated recently as one of the top ten younger scientists. The main problem in venturing the topic is the incompleteness of my sample, even in terms of distinctions simply within the past half year. The evidence of creative activity, in the classroom as well as in research, is truly impressive, and it’s obvious that, increasingly, relevant external communities are keenly aware of the fact.

Which makes our job in maintaining a framework for dynamism a lot easier, for which we’re truly grateful. But it makes the University’s contribution to its larger constituencies, including the new students now joining us, all the more compelling. It’s an exciting place to be.