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Season’s Greetings

21 Dec Posted by in Observations | Comments Off on Season’s Greetings
Season’s Greetings

Two aspects of the upcoming break strike me as particularly interesting. One is a regular visitor: the desirability, for all of us, of getting some time off and a real change of focus. For me, with lots of kids and grandkids coming, there will be a real reorientation, and I hope that something similar is in store for most of us. It’ll be fun to get back to work when the time comes, but enough already for the moment. The seasonal imperative is deepened, in Virginia, by the proximity of the annual state budget message to the holiday. We get to contemplate it for a few days, but then we simply have to turn to other things before fully engaging — which, again, is just as well.

The other seasonal tidbit is a little less predictable. I think we all must be impressed with the news of massive Christmas displays in places like Abu Dhabi and Malaysia. It’s also interesting, as a function of Mason’s international cast of characters, how many Christmas greetings we get from (non-Christian) international collaborators and international students (just got a very nice one from a Syrian post-doc). Makes one wonder if right-thinking Americans have not in fact become needlessly punctilious about avoid Christmas references that are now in fact global. But also whether we can’t ourselves become more open to sharing greetings on the occasion of other people’s major holidays.

So, as a first step toward this more ecumenical approach: merry holidays to you all.