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14 Oct Posted by in Business | 1 comment

This is the first time I’ve done a blog, as my entry into even modestly high tech is always both late and hesitant. (Two asides: the ad for the provost position, 9 years ago, specified technology knowledge, but nobody actually asked me so I did not have to lie outright; I actually fit the other qualifications, so I didn’t feel too bad. Second, at urging of family and to the amusement of my kids (except my eldest, who is apparently too old for the medium), just signed up for Facebook last week; don’t care for it much except as means of seeing kids’ photos).

It does seem appropriate, aside from these brief meanderings, to offer a first effort on the subject of budget. We just learned about our 2009 cuts a week ago — they were less than we’d been led to believe, which of course had the ironic effect of making us feel relieved even though it was still $10 million off the top. We will manage the cuts, partly because we had partly anticipated; the frustration is not knowing what 2010 will hold, amid concerns as well about tuition tolerance. But the most important point right now is not the details, but the communication we’re been able to develop with faculty and staff, and appropriate representatives. Transparency clearly pays off, amid a sense that we all share responsbility and the need for a combination of painful adjustment and imaginative response. No finger pointing, or almost none, no sense that some faction is taking unfair advantage or not carrying the load.  The positive, constructive mood is a real boon, and obviously we’ll work to preserve it and deserve it.