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Research Growth

20 Mar Posted by in Academics | Comments Off on Research Growth

Mason had one of its (not too infrequent) feel-good moments this past week when results from the NSF survey of research funding trends (2000-2007) emerged. It’s an occasion to try to make sure that the University community is fully aware of the splendid news, to brag a bit (but collectively), and to thank. As I hope most know, we learned that our funding growth was almost double the national average, that it exceeded rates for any of the doctoral institutions in the Commonwealth, and that our national standing improved by an unusual number of places. Obviously, we’re pleased and spurred as well to maintain or improve the trajectory in future. Of course, funding is an incomplete measure of research or research quality and impact, but it is important symbolically and in substance.

The really nice thing about a result of this sort is that it really does emerge from the University community. It would not happen without lots of research support staff, without guidance from deans and associate deans and others, and certainly without a lot of dedicated and imaginative faculty (and often graduate students). So the main point of this little message is to express gratitude for the multifold efforts that go into an achievement of this sort, which testifies to the quality of what we’re all building at Mason.