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It’s no secret that college campuses are pretty busy places in summer. The tone changes a bit with fewer students around (we handle upwards of 15,000 students in summer, about half our in-term number). The fact that some faculty leave also lessens certain demands. And we administrators do get a bit of time for travel (often professional, at least in part) and vacation.

But most of us have noticed for the past four years or so that the pace doesn’t lessen as much as one might expect. Planning efforts in some ways intensify. We still have lots of students. Sessions with state officials actually increase. And the campus itself continues to bustle.

Summer school begins only a day after commencement. A bit later we’ll have a large series of freshman and transfer orientations and a variety of (increasingly academic) summer camps. This year 40 Turkish students will be visiting for several weeks, and there are other delegations. Distance education activities during the summer are also accelerating as students combine home visits and local work with some academic acceleration.

We don’t see a vast number of students using summers to attempt three-year graduations, though a few do and we’ve clarified how this can work.

The only thing that clearly slows, annoyingly for some, is food service. For some reason our purveyors see summers as a chance for economizing, despite the numbers of people still present. We need some work on this part.