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16 Aug Posted by in Academics, Business | Comments Off on Retention and Graduation

Retention and Graduation

Retention and Graduation

As some readers know, Mason got some good publicity last week, in published data demonstrating that our graduation rates for key minority groups, notably African Americans and Latinos, are about the same as those for students as a whole. We are delighted that our recruitment, education and support efforts have this result. We have long […]


29 Jul Posted by in Academics, Business | Comments Off on Strategic Planning

Strategic Planning

Several years ago Mason developed a strategic plan for 2014. It emerged from wide campus discussions and offers a solid basis for moving forward. In contrast to past plans, this one was followed by the establishment of a Strategic Implementation Committee, designed to assist in the translation, adaptation, and monitoring of the basic plan, again […]


13 Jul Posted by in Academics, Business | Comments Off on The Retaining Challenge

The Retaining Challenge

I have written and spoken before about the need for American universities, in a tough period, to recommit to maximum accessibility, given the demographic changes in our society, the growing economic inequality, and the obvious burdens of tuition costs. We need imaginative ways to reach out into the K-12 student population to maximize interest in […]


06 Jul Posted by in Business | Comments Off on Publics and Privates

Publics and Privates

I just did an interview with a very perceptive University Relations staffer, who was asking among other things about why I wanted to become Provost and why I moved from a private to a public setting. The fact was, when I did decide to put in for the position at Mason I didn’t think a […]


21 Jun Posted by in Academics, Business | 3 comments

New, Really Global Minor

As this gets registered, I’m in China and Japan, and in anticipation obviously have global issues on my mind. I’ve been further stimulated to some additional global thinking by two developments. First, the Vice Chancellor of the University of Leeds, in a blog of his own, has wondered if higher education, internationally, is doing enough […]


14 Jun Posted by in Academics | Comments Off on Sustainability Teamwork

Sustainability Teamwork

Like many universities, Mason likes to brag about its interdisciplinarity, and we add in our pride about entrepreneurial responsiveness. Sometimes we probably over claim: we certainly have occasions when unit blinders or administrative hurdles inhibit collaborations across disciplines, and once in a while we’re not as quick on our feet as we should be. But […]


07 Jun Posted by in Academics, Business | Comments Off on Global Challenges

Global Challenges

I keep mulling over a recent statement from the Vice Chancellor of the University of Leeds, asking whether universities were responding adequately to current global challenges, such as poverty, environmental degradation and the like. His strong implication was that they are not, that universities are stuck in business as usual while, at least in a […]


26 May Posted by in Business | Comments Off on Distributed Campuses

Distributed Campuses

The first performance weekend of Mason’s new Hylton Performing Arts Center, plus the imminence of other new buildings in Prince William and Arlington, calls new attention to our distributed campus system. Fairfax is of course our largest campus — I was successfully instructed when I sought the job here that we never refer to it […]


19 May Posted by in Business | Comments Off on Money Isn’t…

Money Isn’t…

Had a discussion yesterday with a bevy of university administrators from the UK, who were in the United States to discuss higher education leadership. It’s the second time we’ve hosted such a group — they visit a number of institutions — and the exchange has been both pleasant and interesting. Lots of shared issues. After […]


11 May Posted by in Academics | Comments Off on Student Quality

Student Quality

This is the week where we join students in celebrating the achievement of graduation. At many ceremonies, we have a chance to note what individual students have accomplished, and what they are now in a position to accomplish through their next job or program of study. It’s always fun, and sometimes genuinely inspiring, to see […]