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08 Apr Posted by in Academics, Business | 1 comment

The Commish (of Higher Ed)

This week we’ll presumably learn the membership of the Governor’s new Commission on Higher Education, which will be asked to report (at least in part) by November. The presumable goal — of figuring out how to provide more Virginians with access to higher education and to expand degree completion — is splendid. I think and […]


01 Apr Posted by in Business | Comments Off on Financial Aid

Financial Aid

A really interesting talk by one of our economists the other night gave me a new angle — or at least, some new specifics — for a problem that simply has to be highlighted: the need for greater-than-ever focus on private sources of financial aid for students at universities like George Mason. The data were […]


26 Mar Posted by in Academics, Business | 1 comment

Global Universities and Economic Development

Mason has been pushing its global agenda for some time now, thanks to lots of faculty activity and high levels of student interest. The approach involves study abroad, basic curriculum for gen ed through the new global affairs programs (and many others), enhanced international recruitment and our various international collaborations We’ve always justified the thrust […]


18 Mar Posted by in Business | Comments Off on Census, Students and Communication

Census, Students and Communication

Most of us got the census forms this week. Being conventionally civic-minded and also aware of how useful census data can be in research, I’ve always enjoyed filling out the forms. (And yes, I’ve filled out several). Once I got a long form, which put me in hog heaven. I recently learned — hadn’t thought […]


10 Mar Posted by in Academics, Business, Policies | 1 comment

Decisions, Dilemmas, and Erasmus

Recent developments got me thinking about the kinds of decisions I am involved with as Provost. The most interesting set involves policies — what new buildings should be top priority, how to establish a new degree program, what enrollment targets should be, how to build an international collaboration. A delightful feature of my job is […]


04 Mar Posted by in Academics, Business | Comments Off on SACS Is Coming

SACS Is Coming

About a year from now, Mason will greet its Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS) accreditation team. We’ll be sending in our formal report in Fall 2010. SACS procedures now include an off-site evaluation of the report, and then the campus visit, which is particularly directed at the Quality Enhancement Plan but may of […]


25 Feb Posted by in Business | Comments Off on Entreprencratic


George Mason, as you all know, prides itself on entrepreneurial readiness and agility. We would rather say yes than no, rather find reasons to move ahead on a good idea than all the factors that caution against. I believe that these characteristics are, on the whole, desirable, and even exciting; and I believe that they […]


15 Feb Posted by in Academics, Business | Comments Off on Creative ways that the University was able to combat “Snowmageddon 2010”

Creative ways that the University was able to combat “Snowmageddon 2010”

I thought colleagues would be interested in some of the ways various faculty used electronic facilities to keep classes going during our recent contretemps, quite apart from programs that were already on distance and were therefore undisrupted. We should probably get a sense of how widely faculty feel they can use interim methods of this […]


28 Jan Posted by in Academics, Business | 1 comment

State of the Union and Higher Ed

The nation is not eagerly awaiting my comments on the State of the Union address, and I will keep them short. Like the rest of you, I observed that Democrats got a lot more exercise during the speech than Republicans did, which might suggest they need health care reform less. The brief but pointed support […]


22 Oct Posted by in Business | Comments Off on 3 Cheers

3 Cheers

A few pleasant items to note, and since I have nothing to do with one of them and little with the other two I thought I could note without self-serving: Yesterday several faculty, at one of my periodic teas, commented on how fine the University grounds look — not a new development, but even better […]