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15 Oct Posted by in Business | 1 comment


I assume that by now anyone reading this blog and all the other stuff in circulation knows that public universities, including of course Mason, face a serious problem with state funding. I have no desire to detract from the attention we need to urge to the problem, and will doubtless return to the topic in […]


30 Sep Posted by in Academics, Business | Comments Off on Federal Universities?

Federal Universities?

The op-ed piece in last Sunday’s Washington Post, from two leaders of the University of California at Berkeley, was intriguing, for it revived some musings I’d pondered over the summer. The idea is that, given the huge and undeniable problems major state universities are facing in state-based funding, not just in the current crisis but […]


23 Sep Posted by in Business | 1 comment

Checking up on Administrative Growth

I was involved in a teapot tempest this past week, but it was my teapot so excuse a comment. While specifics are George Mason stuff, there might be a bit of wider interest. The Challenge. A colleague and I were presenting about our budget, at a meeting called by the Faculty Senate. Not long before […]


18 Sep Posted by in Business | Comments Off on A Great Chance to Negotiate – with whom?

A Great Chance to Negotiate – with whom?

It’s an interesting moment for public universities. On the one hand, budget cuts have forced some important economies. Some of them are surely undesirable, but others may prove less onerous than expected (we need a bit of time to figure out impact). Most obviously, some modest increases in average class size, sometimes abetted by the […]


14 Sep Posted by in Academics, Business | Comments Off on More Students: we must be doing something right

More Students: we must be doing something right

This is, in the first place, a thank you note. Mason has this fall enrolled upwards of 1500 more students than we expected, and we seem to be managing the challenge fairly well. Lots of people have stepped up to help. Dean’s offices have arranged class availability and kept wait lists down. Faculty themselves have […]


24 Aug Posted by in Academics, Business | Comments Off on School’s In

School’s In

As most participants recognize, school years are amusing constructs. It’s so good to see the students leave in the spring (and for Provosts, not bad to see faculty disperse as well), but always exciting to watch things ratchet up again in late August. I’ve always checked myself to make sure I’m still at least a […]


18 Aug Posted by in Business | Comments Off on A Discussion Worth Having

A Discussion Worth Having

It’s too soon now, with the economy still mired, but when things get better it’s really a vital discussion at least for the higher-aspiring public universities. And I was pleased to note, in a cordial and constructive meeting with state legislative and executive officials last week, that’s it’s a discussion that just might be possible […]


04 Aug Posted by in Academics, Business | 3 comments

Priorities in Tough Times

I’m venting a bit, as I get back into blogging. My intention is not to write about budget concerns all the time, but I confess that my two items today are budget-linked. Also, I usually emphasize issues involving George Mason University directly, but this is only loosely the case today. Again, I’m just getting back […]


28 Jun Posted by in Business | Comments Off on How Much Crisis?

How Much Crisis?

I’m intrigued though not surprised at the extent to which the current fiscal crisis for universities, which is undeniable at least in the short term, produces all sorts of commentary about the larger demise of American universities as we know them. From some conservative politicians come calls for a vast expansion of the two-year college […]


19 Jun Posted by in Academics, Business | Comments Off on Leadership


One hopes that the challenges in identifying and motivating college and university leaders are fairly common knowledge. It is becoming measurably harder to find people to serve in capacities like department chair, normally the stepping stones for a smaller number of recruits to find their ways into higher levels of administration. The result is a […]