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10 Jun Posted by in Business | Comments Off on A Budget Whine

A Budget Whine

I just came back from my first-ever meeting with the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools, linked to our accreditation review two years hence. I had a number of reactions concerning what in some respects is a more interesting organization than I had realized, but prudence dictates some restraint. I was however impressed with a […]


07 May Posted by in Business | Comments Off on Budgets


Our budget for the coming fiscal year just passed, with relatively little discussion compared to what might have been expected. Federal stimulus funds almost covered the additional state cut projected for fiscal year 2010, which in turn allowed a smaller than expected tuition increase, and almost everyone heaved a sigh of relief. The same framework […]


21 Apr Posted by in Business | Comments Off on A Thank-You to Faculty

A Thank-You to Faculty

We’re nearing the end of the peak admissions season, and while final data are not in our situation seems fairly robust, which is encouraging in any circumstance but particularly amid current economic uncertainties. Lots of contributions produce these positive results, including the efforts of the Admissions office, lots of deans and associate deans, members of […]


26 Mar Posted by in Business | Comments Off on Two Topics: fear and cheer

Two Topics: fear and cheer

As a new blogger but also an administrator, I am trying to make sure I don’t overload with good news. My guess is that most administrators have to be relatively optimistic, which inclines us to good news stories, and of course we always want to present our institution, and through this ourselves, in a favorable […]


27 Feb Posted by in Business | 1 comment

Closing the RAK Campus

By this point many people in the Mason community will know that we have decided to close the Mason operation in Ras al-Khaimah as of the end of this semester. Negotiations with our funding partners in RAK broke down both over budget levels for the current year and over changes our partners sought in reporting […]


12 Feb Posted by in Business, Policies | Comments Off on Out-of-State Caps

Out-of-State Caps

One of the most intriguing themes emerging from this year's legislative session, obviously aside from the budget itself, involves the surprisingly strong push from various quarters to "do something" about out of state students in Commonwealth colleges and universities. Several measures in the House propose a 30% cap, presumably allowing places above the cap some time to adjust; one, which would hit Mason very directly, calls simply for an out-of-state percentage in next fall's freshman class no higher than that of 2008. The Senate, avoiding caps, proposes tripling the current per-credit capital fee for out of state students (from $2. to $6), which would cost Mason roughly $600,000.


02 Feb Posted by in Business | Comments Off on Inclement Weather

Inclement Weather

Several provosts I’ve met, and other observers, have commented on what an unpleasant job it is. On the whole I don’t find it so — the chance for constructive influence, the range of topics and issues is recurrently, if not consistently, exciting. Handling inclement weather, however, invariably if briefly drives me to the pessimist camp. […]


14 Oct Posted by in Business | 1 comment


This is the first time I’ve done a blog, as my entry into even modestly high tech is always both late and hesitant. (Two asides: the ad for the provost position, 9 years ago, specified technology knowledge, but nobody actually asked me so I did not have to lie outright; I actually fit the other […]