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June, 2009  // Posts published in June, 2009

28 Jun Posted by in Business | Comments Off on How Much Crisis?

How Much Crisis?

I’m intrigued though not surprised at the extent to which the current fiscal crisis for universities, which is undeniable at least in the short term, produces all sorts of commentary about the larger demise of American universities as we know them. From some conservative politicians come calls for a vast expansion of the two-year college […]


19 Jun Posted by in Academics, Business | Comments Off on Leadership


One hopes that the challenges in identifying and motivating college and university leaders are fairly common knowledge. It is becoming measurably harder to find people to serve in capacities like department chair, normally the stepping stones for a smaller number of recruits to find their ways into higher levels of administration. The result is a […]


10 Jun Posted by in Business | Comments Off on A Budget Whine

A Budget Whine

I just came back from my first-ever meeting with the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools, linked to our accreditation review two years hence. I had a number of reactions concerning what in some respects is a more interesting organization than I had realized, but prudence dictates some restraint. I was however impressed with a […]