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November, 2009  // Posts published in November, 2009

23 Nov Posted by in Academics | 2 comments

Seasonal Sentimental

For those accustomed to Big Thoughts and Crucial Issues in the blog, apologies. As this is posted I’m in Vietnam and not up to Big and Crucial. A more personal musing, instead. I realized last week that I had only 6 sessions left with my world history class (now 4). And I realized, as I […]


16 Nov Posted by in Academics | Comments Off on Mason and Student Engagement

Mason and Student Engagement

Thanks to Karen Gentemann and her Assessment staff, we’re beginning to be able to ponder the results of the most recent National Survey of Student Engagement, fondly known as the NSSE survey. We’re comparing Mason results both to our past (2003 and 2006 surveys) and to other research intensive universities (also, to high research intensives, […]


10 Nov Posted by in Academics | 3 comments

Students Who Don’t Make It

I’ve been interested in the issue of students who start college and don’t finish for a long time. I grew up as a faculty brat, and my father recurrently told me about students who started college, took the infamous Rhet 100 (I think that’s right), failed, and were bounced out — he claimed to the […]